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1938: FDR founds the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, known today as the March of Dimes.
If the articles in the November Best's Review were about a medical scourge such as influenza, the plague, infantile paralysis or AIDS, we would find a solution.
One of the causes of these conditions, listed in the government's own regulations, is infantile paralysis, which is poliomyelitis.
USE OF A NEW "wooden lung" in place of the conventional "Iron Lung" in the treatment of polio, or infantile paralysis, proved highly successful in saving lives when that dreaded malady broke out in northern Michigan early last September.
Jeong, who suffers from cerebral infantile paralysis, used a computer to communicate.
Thanks to the work of private organizations like the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, victims of polio received medical care, and, beginning in the mid 1950s, nearly all Americans would be protected from the disease by vaccine.
Though we know infantile paralysis as an epidemic disease of our own century, it existed prior to 1900, usually presenting in its nonparalytic form.
There are public hospitals, special facilities to treat those with infantile paralysis, military and social security rehabilitation hospitals, and a growing awareness of the need for special education and rehabilitation.
Roosevelt, the organization was originally called the National Infantile Paralysis Foundation.
He said: "When I started attending meetings with the Infantile Paralysis Fellowship in London I realised I was very fortunate because I had a supportive family and wasn't short of money.

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