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The classical clinical presentation of 17OHD is hypertension, hypokalemia, and infantilism of secondary sexual characteristics.
The similarity between me and Stoffer in the film is becoming more and more glaring and grotesque" wrote von Trier in his journal, "aside from the fact that Stoffer's infantilism is nowhere near mine" (56).
Furthermore, for the Victorian woman, there is nothing femininity "necess[itates]" more than obedience and childbirth, a connection I will explore later through Jane's infantilism as representing her liminal status as both child and mother.
There are websites where you can find out more about infantilism, chat to others like yourself and even addresses where you can buy adult-sized bonnets, bibs, baby-grows and nappies.
The [pounds sterling]1 billion development is interesting from a design perspective because it is the reversal of the mall philosophy which has tended to dominate urban shopping centres across the world; more important for the city is the long-term commitment by a huge global investor, a commitment unthinkable only a few years ago, when Liverpool was mired in nihilistic political infantilism which provided a backdrop for systematic economic and social failure.
34) While it is important to note the gender ideologies at play in these performances, I suggest calling attention to the actress' ostensible femininity to understand how qualities such as helplessness, delicacy, and infantilism become grafted onto the afflicted body.
namely biological instinct, infantilism, and anxiety about the external
Perhaps this resentment embraces the connivance of Christianity in Judaic homophobia and the crushing by Christianity, through its asexual infantilism, of any claims to uncompromising sexual liberation.
The same holds true as well, of course, for many people who are involved with polyamory, consensual sadomasochism (BDSM), cross-dressing, infantilism, or other fetishes, as well as for those engaged in professional sex work.
The myth of Narcissus also has particular relevance to artists such as Amos and Levine by way of the pervasive association of narcissistic self-regard with women as well as the broad-based infantilism ascribed to persons of color and women alike.
would also welcome a shift away from the infantilism of the ``Animaniacs,'' but not at the cost of losing sight of political correctness.