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The patient also had primary amenorrhea and features of sexual infantilism and she appeared to have pseudohermaphroditism.
My desire to argue arises most strongly in response to Fuchs's largely approving discussion of Philip Rieff's scathing Freudian critique of the infantilism he finds so indicative of modern culture.
But really to believe that when necessity is exhausted, if it comes, making as if to apologise for its premature infantilism by a great, clumsy show of increase in salivation flow, supposing you do otherwise, still going on, the point itself will still be around, is a joke: creationism for tomatoes.
Such infantilism "is very symptomatic of a consumerist society," where prized objects replace a longed-for intimacy, Solondz said.
Instead of tolerance, one sees arrogance, racism, infantilism, and utter righteousness in action.
And this movement was a certain kind of a vanguard, not a sectarian one that was closed upon its certainties as were the Surrealists with their Popish infantilism, or the Futuristic with their prophetic tone.
8) In addition to the mood of stoicism common to both books, the empress connects her story to Tristram Shandy through textual allusions that shed a sarcastic light on aspects of her own life, such as her marriage of convenience, the infantilism of her husband in the matter of their conjugal relationship, and his silly military games.
In XX karyotype patients, sexual infantilism and primary amenorrhea occur as a result of absent estrogen production in the ovaries.
It seems that we have not been humiliated enough by various ambassadors who have so far, due to the infantilism of our political elites, pretended to be our facilitators in the political decisions.
So many of the threads that run through modern German history--a creative irony, edginess, glee, and oddness--are gone in a few weeks, wound up and replaced with a messianic infantilism.
An heir to such scathing social satirists as Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward, Beane has aimed his barbed bon mots and acid-dipped epigrams at such contemporary American ills as the soul-sucking compromises people make for fame (The Little Dog Laughed), people's tendency to settle for the status quo (The Country Club) and infantilism in American men (Music from a Sparkling Planet).
And still, while talking about Nancy, he is able to say that "she unites childhood and infantilism in an obvious presence.