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I am really too ill, to bear the perpetual noise, and the incessant fatigue of watching children; and being unused to their society, ever since my own was an infant, I confess that they annoy me beyond all description, particularly where they are wild, unruly, and indulged in every caprice that infantine imagination can exemplify.
Fate has separated me from another [friend], the fire of whose eyes, tempered by infantine tenderness, still warms my breast; even when gazing on these tremendous cliff, sublime emotions absorb my soul.
People buy that and hope they don't have to use it," said Fran Infantine, brand manager.
Katie Infantine, 17, says she couldn't believe it when she saw a text message flash on her screen.
William Infantine (R-Manchester), whose own father died from colon cancer, introduced a bill with wording emulating a New York law.
Women are, in fact, so much degraded by mistaken notions of female excellence, that I do not mean to add a paradox when I assert, that this artificial weakness produces a propensity to tyrannize, and gives birth to cunning, the natural opponent of strength, which leads them to play off those contemptible infantine airs that undermine esteem even whilst they excite desire.
The smooth and creamy sand embodies the "romance of new-fallen snow" with "none of its horrors," and the cousins are swept away by an "insane and infantine ardour" that is nonetheless checked by the "lovely realities" of what is largely suggestive of colonial enterprise and exploration of foreign lands and its flora and fauna: "at our feet were laid lovely realities of long lace-like scarves of red seaweed, flattened out with such prim precision that we expected to find their Latin and English names written beneath them on the sand" (154).
He writes in his long autobiographical poem, "The Prelude," of "the eagerness of infantine desire" (1) (1805, p.
This vigorous 'backward reach' of memory is informed by a positively physical resonance: 'a vibration of my very most infantine sensibility', trailing long clothes and waggling toes amidst the glories of the great city.
I clap my hands in infantine joy and amazement before the first opening to me of this august magnificence, old with the love and homage of innumerable ages, young with the life of life, the sunbright Mecca of the desert.
The white, smooth brow is a throne of infantine, angelic purity; without a visible cloud or a furrow of pain, yet a wild, endless despair hovers over it.
is a colossal group of the baptism of our Saviour, cxecuted by [John Edward] Carew, in Caen stone: by whom also are the group of angels, and the infantine figure of angels, and a lamb .