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Imaging confirmed bilateral thalamic infarcts from the occlusion of Artery of Percheron, a rare anatomic variant which is a single arterial trunk supplying the thalamus and midbrain bilaterally.
This case reminds us that a small infarct area of central nervous system may mimic peripheral nerve lesions, especially in elderly patients.
24 standard deviations for the large infarct group.
Miracor markets the PiCSO Impulse System, the first and only coronary sinus intervention designed to improve cardiac function, reduce infarct size, and prevent the development of heart failure following acute myocardial infarction.
As stated, the progression of tissue damage that occurs as part of the body's natural defense mechanism leads to an increase in the size of the infarct (Dhamoon et al.
4-5) Potential reversibility of venous infarct with anticoagulation highlights the importance of prompt diagnosis.
1) indicated only a single lacunar infarct at the posterior limb of the right internal capsule without brain atrophy.
placental weight, infarct and syncytial knots, is correlated with the efficiency of placenta to support the growth of a fetus, and low hemoglobin level is likely to be related to insufficient functioning of the placenta17.
Infarct volume was 12 mL in the group with dehydration and 16 mL in those without, which was not a significant difference.
In patients with infarct, it was 111 mg/dl and in patients with intracranial bleed, it was 103 mg/dl.