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Characterization of infarcted myocardial tissue--Area at risk
Cellular analysis of the infarcted cardiac tissue following dHACM treatment showed that it:
Vanillic acid prevents altered ion pumps, ions, inhibits Fas-receptor and caspase mediated apoptosis-signaling pathway and cardiomyocyte death in myocardial infarcted rats.
The sham group did not have an infarcted lesion, (Normal brain tissue is dark red, while an infarcted lesion is white,) At the same reperfusion time point, the infarcted volume of the NBP treatment group was less than that of the model group, with the exception of the volumes 6 hours after reperfusion: At this time point there was no significant difference between these groups, The infarcted volumes between the 2 groups at other time points were significantly different (p < 0,01) (Table 1),
Splenic infarction was observed in 11 patients; however the infarcted volume was less than 10% in all patients, and no specific treatment was needed.
Prince, "Protective effects of sinapic acid on cardiac hypertrophy, dyslipidaemia and altered electrocardiogram in isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarcted rats," European Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Intramyocardial delivery of the CorMatrix to mechanically stabilize, repair and recover infarcted regions of the heart could provide myocardial recovery for these heart failure patients.
Its structure resembles that of the extracellular matrix, a feature particularly useful in post-MI applications; indeed, previous studies demonstrated attenuated LV remodeling after local alginate administration in the infarcted zone in the rat [3] and porcine [4] MI-models.
To demonstrate CEST's ability to detect heart disease, the researchers applied the creatine CEST method in an MRI scanner, in healthy and infarcted myocardium (muscle tissue in heart) in large animals.
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Pretreatment with a combination of quercetin and alpha-tocopherol ameliorates adenosine triphosphatases and lysosomal enzymes in myocardial infarcted rats.
Detection of ischaemia, either at the site of injury or in different region, detection of myocardial viability in the infarcted region, and flow-function relationship (from gated SPECT).