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No wonder that with her admirably dressed, abundant hair, thickly sprinkled with white threads and adding to her elegant aspect the piquant distinction of a powdered coiffure--no wonder, I say, that she clung desperately to her last infatuation for that graceless young scamp, even to the extent of hatching for him that amazing plot.
But there was also, on another page, a special financial article in a hostile tone beginning with the words "We have always feared" and a guarded, half-column leader, opening with the phrase: "It is a deplorable sign of the times" what was, in effect, an austere, general rebuke to the absurd infatuations of the investing public.
Nor was this hidden infatuation of any recent origin.
Michael's love for Steward was so profound as almost to he a mad but enduring infatuation.
The one remedy that could be trusted to preserve him from such infatuation as this, was absence.
Let me confess frankly the lengths to which my infatuation led me.
were still so much distressed by Aglaya's latest infatuations and adventures, that they did hot care to talk of them, though they must have known that Evgenie knew much of the story already.
His life meanwhile continued as before, with the same infatuations and dissipations.
The Infatuation said, "Adding the iconic dining resource brand to The Infatuation's powerful website, mobile app, messaging and social ecosystems will help continue the company's mission to create the largest, most influential, and most useful restaurant discovery platform in the world.
com) The Infatuation , the popular platform young people turn to when it's time to decide where to eat, is launching its own food festival for the next generation in Los Angeles, Eeeeeatscon.
Further chance acquaintance leads to infatuation, infatuation questioned by the photographer, Jules, learning his craft in the chaos of the Paris Commune, in revolt against the nationalist government, and the singer Marie whom Anatole is tutoring, Marie who dreads political involvement with the Communards and is desperate to learn of her brother's fate as a prisoner of war of the Prussians.
15PM Josie Davis' infatuation with boss Chris Potter turns into serious stalking after his wife falls ill.