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No wonder that with her admirably dressed, abundant hair, thickly sprinkled with white threads and adding to her elegant aspect the piquant distinction of a powdered coiffure--no wonder, I say, that she clung desperately to her last infatuation for that graceless young scamp, even to the extent of hatching for him that amazing plot.
Nor was this hidden infatuation of any recent origin.
Recalling, for the purpose of my letter, all that Miserrimus Dexter had said to me, my memory dwelt with special interest on the strange outbreak of feeling which had led him to betray the secret of his infatuation for Eustace's first wife.
My infatuation for the Oakland water-front was quite dead.
Yes, I said; but small and great are comparative terms, and all these things, in the misery and evil which they inflict upon a State, do not come within a thousand miles of the tyrant; when this noxious class and their followers grow numerous and become conscious of their strength, assisted by the infatuation of the people, they choose from among themselves the one who has most of the tyrant in his own soul, and him they create their tyrant.
And it was well for me that I did hear it; for nothing less could have cured my infatuation.
And I bade them upset their old academic chairs, and wherever that old infatuation had sat; I bade them laugh at their great moralists, their saints, their poets, and their Saviours.
Black Sambo, with the infatuation of his profession, determined on setting up a public-house.
I feel no interest in your infatuation over this girl, that's true, because I see it's unnatural.
They are of too serious an aspect to leave me the resource of treating the infatuation you have disclosed, as undeserving serious consideration.
This is the real difference between love and infatuation, that infatuation can be slain cleanly with a single blow.
Mr Verloc's husky conversational voice was heard speaking of youth, of a fatal infatuation for an unworthy -