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No wonder that with her admirably dressed, abundant hair, thickly sprinkled with white threads and adding to her elegant aspect the piquant distinction of a powdered coiffure--no wonder, I say, that she clung desperately to her last infatuation for that graceless young scamp, even to the extent of hatching for him that amazing plot.
Let me confess frankly the lengths to which my infatuation led me.
Kylie Jenner is on the February cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine and in the cover story, she talks about her love life or what she would rather call infatuations.
At home, she is forced to confront the past she has run away from, and Ohlin writes with a close ear and sensitivity to her characters' volatile dispositions and infatuations.
While the author exorcised his infatuations in his genius novel, these people are still being punished for inspiring them
It wasn't by any means a normal infatuation, because people get over their infatuations.
In the 1960s, scholars were still anxious to purify the great artist from any taint of sodomitical desire, let alone behavior; even Clements, who frankly discussed Michelangelo's several male infatuations, dismissed them in Freudian terms as infantile, since "he never matured emotionally to the point of having a sustained love affair with a woman" (185).
They are the ramblings and infatuations of a silly young woman.