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infeasibility of doing otherwise, not because of a normative judgment as
Using this approach, a low oil price scenario was found during the production period, and the intensity of this movement significantly influenced the project's infeasibility when managerial flexibility was disregarded.
This paper is organized in the following manner: Next section describes super-efficiency infeasibility problem and presents the proposed model with mean values for solving this problem.
IAM surrounded by swarms of women, their heads adorned with fascinators, their feet shod in heels, high to the point of infeasibility.
"GTAT's board never would have approved the Apple contract if defendants had disclosed their true knowledge about the technical and economic infeasibility of the entire deal," says the suit.
Even a law school with significant financial resources could not afford such an undertaking." (29) This infeasibility claim was seconded by the dean of the University of Virginia who claimed that additional training "would be punishingly expensive and would necessarily drive up tuition." (30)
By shrinking the wind power prediction interval, this proposed model can curtail wind power to balance the dispatch cost of conventional generators and dispatch infeasibility penalty cost for wind farms, which is beneficial for mitigating the uncertainty of wind power, especially when the spinning reserve or the capacity of transmission lines is not enough.
In Section 7 we consider the infeasibility of the applied problems and discuss how the scheme can be applied in practice with compact keys.
The security of these constructions has been considered computationally either in the random oracle model [11] or using computational indistinguishability and infeasibility assumptions [5].
On the other hand, determining the exact size and position of the cancer tumor is similar to calculating the value of objective function generated solution and its infeasibility value, respectively.
The test evaluates the model's ability to classify items without resulting in infeasibility. The user can compare different models by comparing infeasibility arising from each model before making a choice in model selection for inventory classification.
(2014) set a limitation of two tools for this purpose, alerting to the possible use of a greater number due to the infeasibility of adjusting to the design.