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Plenty of studies have proved that it is beneficial to reserve appropriate infeasible solutions in each generation.
[13], based on Ai and Zhang's wide neighborhood, proposed a new infeasible IPM for SO problems.
But calculating the super-efficiency for [DMU.sub.1] is infeasible. Figure (1a) shows the production possibility set (Scaled to y = 10), before and after [DMU.sub.1] is removed with the dash line.
In this paper, we have applied evolutionary approaches to data flow testing for the generation and infeasible detection of test paths.
Graphs for Pattern Recognition: Infeasible Systems of Linear Inequalities
In fact, we search the infeasible region where infeasible and feasible solutions are the same as cancer and healthy cells, respectively.
The proposed repair mechanism managed to repair some of the candidate route sets which are deemed as infeasible by both repair mechanisms.
An RN would be ideal, but cost alone may make that requirement infeasible in large metro areas.
During the formal rulemaking process, AFS presented substantial evidence that OSHA's proposed permissible exposure limit (PEL) was technologically and economically infeasible for U.S.
It is common to see designers spending large amounts of computational resources in evaluating infeasible designs mainly because either the algorithms take time to get to the feasible regions of the design space, or no feasible designs are obtained after all the allowed optimization iterations.
However, after the power flow computation with control variables reported in these references, those results can be considered as infeasible or incorrect solutions.
However, binary string representation is usually blamed for the high probability of generating infeasible solutions when applied by many searching algorithms such as SA or PSO.