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Value, measure, or degree; a charge, payment, or price determined through the application of a mathematical formula or based upon a scale or standard.

For example, an interest rate is determined by the ratio between the principal and interest.

Rate is also used synonymously with tax.


noun amount, assessment, charge, cost, expense, fare, fee, hire, magno, obligation, pace, parvo emere, price, quotation, standard, tempo, valuation, value, velocity, worth
Associated concepts: legal rate of interest, rate of exchange


verb aestimare, appraise, apprize, assess, class, classify, compute, determine, esteem, estimate, evaluate, figure, fix the price of, gauge, grade, judge, measure, merit, price, quantify, rank, reckon, set a value on, tag, value, weigh
See also: amount, appraise, arrange, assess, assessment, calculate, caliber, charge, classify, cost, criticize, differential, duty, earnings, estimate, evaluate, expense, face amount, frequency, gauge, inveigh, levy, measure, organize, par, pigeonhole, price, quality, rebuke, reprehend, sum, tax, worth

RATE. A public valuation or assessment of every man's estate; or the ascertaining how much tax every one shall pay. Vide Pow. Mortg. Index, h.t.; Harr. Dig. h.t.; 1 Hopk. C. R. 87.

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A study including 19 premature infants with post haemorrhagic HCP revealed a shunt infection rate of approximately 21%.
Kraus said the Philippines' HIV infection rate is comparable to that of Afghanistan.
2) Infection rates in the 4 surgical classifications (clean, clean-contaminated, contaminated and dirty wounds) have been published in many studies but most literature refers to the work of Cruse and Foord as a benchmark for infection rates.
In current work, no significant differences was found between infection rate and age groups in sheep and cattle (P[greater than]0.
In order to study whether we can further reduce the infection rate and to check the feasibility and acceptance of disposable surgical drapes, a prospective study was designed and conducted.
A study of Mohs surgery avoided this variable by only using powderless gloves, and had similar outcomes in terms of the difference in infection rate between sterile and non-sterile gloves.
A study of seventy patients with open fractures revealed that the time between injury and treatment in the emergency room was not correlated with infection rate.
The authors reviewed 141 nonshaved shunt surgeries and 218 historical controls, which revealed an infection rate of 3.
Rains seemed to intimate that the AutoRun disabling had more impact on XP than on Vista, and by Microsoft's data, he may have been on to something: While XP's infection rate continued to drop throughout the year, Vista SP2′s climbed from the second quarter to the third, and again from the third to the fourth.
These figures indicate a plateau over the past three years and it is clear we will not start driving HIV infection rates down unless governments at both state and national levels increase their investments in prevention programs,' said AFAO Executive Director Don Baxter.

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