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Cells were observed daily, stained after 72 h and 50 per cent tissue culture infective dose ([TCID.sub.50])/ml was determined as described by Reed and Muench (4).
selectivity index; TCID5J), 50% tissue culture infective dose; TM8, 3'.3',5'.5'-tetrumethyIbenzidine.
Positive results for microbial indicators in drinking water most likely do not signal the presence of an infective dose of viable pathogens making an outbreak imminent, unless there is other evidence of contamination (Nwachuku et al.
monocytogenes was selected because of the ubiquitous nature and potentially low infective dose of the organism.
Although much of the vibrio did remain free in the filtered water, their number often diminished enough to fall short of an infective dose, estimated at [10.sup.4] and [10.sup.6] V.
Karen William, environmental health and trading standards committee chair, said, "This bacteria has a low infective dose which makes cross contamination all too easy, but the good news is that it is very susceptible to heat and cooking will kill it off."
"They infective dose is around 10 organisms, whereas for something like salmonella it might be around a million."
HSE biological agents chief Mark Bale said: "People ought to be aware of how low the infective dose is.
A review of human salmonellosis: infective dose. Rev Infect Dis