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Such infelicities are unfortunate in a book of this price and defeat the purpose of the summaries, which is presumably to make the authors' findings accessible to scholars working in languages other than German.
The volume contains infelicities regarding strategic bombing and other issues (he refers, for instance, to Irving's original publisher as William Kember, rather than William Kimber).
What have been seen as infelicities, then, are still, in Howarth's reading, infelicities.
Though Mimi is still described as an S&M dancer, her big number, "Out Tonight," has been reconceived as an old-style burlesque turn; the improbabilities and infelicities starting to mount, her backup singers emerge from the AIDS support group meeting going on behind her.
There are some infelicities of phrasing occasionally that one wishes the editor, Lois Potter, had caught.
But even in such a case, the reader can readily make amends for any minor infelicities in this book.
In spite of these scientific and editorial deficiencies and infelicities, the book does collate much useful information--if not critical analysis--relating to international food and agriculture trade policy.
Under the tutelage of their director Philip Thomas ( a member of leading experimental music group Apartment House and a Huddersfield University lecturer ( they understood the difficulties of playing apparently simple music where infelicities of tone can easily creep in, and they could express Feldman's subtleties.
Sadly, the remaining two-thirds read as a rough draft that received little, if any, attention from the editorial staff, as they abound in stylistic and grammatical infelicities (e.
In many cases the choices are used to good effect, but occasionally we note some awkwardness in rhythm, such as, "At that point I sharply felt a change" (65), and other infelicities such as, "clinged" (30), "gave in on those impulses" instead of "to those impulses" (22) and "the earth was damp at the touch" instead of "to the touch" (33).