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Exemplifying a set of practical-cum-theoretical tendencies--the two are now inextricably linked, which is part of the story--without forcing them into an infelicitous ism, Singer incisively grouped twenty-two New York-based artists whose works, per the press release, exhibit "diverging conceptual approaches to abstract painting and question the fundamental roots of the medium's modernist legacies.
Infelicitous renditions such as "girls from the outside" (for wailaimei) and "painless groan" (for wu bing shenyin) are eyesores.
The treatment of these four texts as exhaustive and canonical has led to infelicitous renderings of Aquinas's position on the matter.
Gilman is certainly capable of turning an infelicitous phrase, such as his description of Chekhov's "notional presences" in Seagull or the "amorousness toward the invisible" in Vanya.
The infelicitous phrase "extracting information from often uncooperative detainees" conjures a world of ruthless coercion and calls into question recent use of the term information by art historians and critics.
The designation "momentary" is unscientific and infelicitous.
It is the first novel Kundera has written in French, but it contains passages that would be infelicitous in any language.
As it happened, the additions were either redundant or infelicitous.
I forget I am disturbed by dead birds, and also my infelicitous struggle that day with water weight.
They are especially infelicitous in a book abont a writer like Pasolini, who was keenly sensitive to language, its cultural and class origins, and the deformations wreaked on it by the media in an oppressive society.
But the term "epic" remains infelicitous in other respects.