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Graham does not provide us with good reason to accept the infelicitous terminology.
66), Sawyer's assertion "I am thine" is not true or false (constative), but felicitous or infelicitous (performative), not describing her subjection to the Dog but creating this subjection.
Against that infelicitous backdrop, President Obama will deliver a ''major address'' Thursday about the Middle East, and on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will arrive in Washington for ''consultations.
Chivers] is less adept as a writer, and The Gun is full of infelicitous phrases.
Agamben adduces the criticism of Walter Benjamin and others regarding the infelicitous endings of poems, and then quotes Dante's memorable lines from De vulgari eloquentia (On Eloquence in the Vernacular [c.
As in their thus far unfortunate experience in Marja, however, the US is most unlikely to succeed in importing "government in a box," in US General Stanley McChrystal's infelicitous phrase, and certainly not within the short time window the US government has imposed on itself.
Yet this is a particularly infelicitous time for Netanyahu to be raising the imaginary specter of an Iranian nuclear weapon--which doesn't exist and may very well never exist--for two reasons.
To be sure, it may be the case--contra some theorists of "agonistic" democracy--that in a given social context it would be infelicitous to destabilize a particular identitarian practice.
The expectation that Israel will "wither away" (a rather infelicitous expression) in the face of internal pressures, losing the demographic battle with the Palestinians, loss of nerve among its leadership, and its inability to defeat Hamas and Hezbullah, appears to be thinking that is more wishful than objective.
Repeated failures to push their governments to adopt an effective, state-led international regime to preserve the world's forests caused NGOs to invent, in collaboration with business and governments, a complex hybrid known by the infelicitous label "non-state, market-led governance.
Yet this violence, however infelicitous to Eusebius, never spiraled out of control.
The infelicitous situation that all the main parties find themselves in plays into the hands of the MNS.