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The more infelicitously phrased parts of this book reminded me of Walter Kaufmann's preface to I and Thou, in which he attempts to emulate Martin Buber's style but manages in the end only to parody it.
Speakes had infelicitously revealed that he had made up quotes for President Reagan and was soon fired from his job as press spokesman for Merrill Lynch when callers started demanding to know if he was making up quotes there too.
The hospital analogized it, rather infelicitously, to a tumor taken from a patient.
Listening in on their colloquy, it disconcerted him to find himself one of the DREGS, the monicker derived from the infelicitously worded title of his specific division of the refuse collecting set: Disposer of Refuse & Ecologic Goods.
Recognizing something like a principle of fallibility ("We do not now believe that any belief we hold is false, but we recognize that one or more of our beliefs, including some of those central and distinctive to our tradition, may be wrong or infelicitously expressed") is a prerequisite for engaging in dialogue in which one is prepared to learn from, as well as to teach, the other.
More often than not ornate language and flights of rhetoric characterized the dialogue, sometimes with long poems interspersed infelicitously in between.