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The first she sees has been infelicitously cut in two, an apt metaphor for the dividers and divisions that permeate the film.
Kennedy contrasts Burton's abiding fascination with homosexuality--a constant from his early days in India--with what he infelicitously calls his "homosocial" proclivities; in other words, those stag evenings at the Club.
Now there is not simply war; there is the infelicitously labeled "asymmetric war," the David-vs.
abjection and/or launched infelicitously into rage) one makes the
there is no dearth of evidence to suggest that the fate of the First New Deal can be explained by the fact that the statutes were drained with scant attention to (and even flagrant disregard for) existing constitutional law; that inadequate attention was given to the selection and cultivation of promising test cases; and that the legal arguments offered in its defense were poorly framed and infelicitously presented.
More than any other consideration, this question reflects both the general nature of what has been infelicitously labeled asymmetric warfare and the particular foes one might face in the Middle East.
Subject and objects (which are sometimes quite infelicitously called grammatical relations/functions or terms) are characterized by very high syntactic activeness: they impose agreement on the main verb, occupy privileged linear position, admit of relativization and/or of raising, control reflexivization and gerunds, etc.
Though it was 'perhaps infelicitously expressed', his Honour held that the Commissioner was not proposing a third standard of proof, rather he was giving no more than 'a convenient shorthand method of articulating the Briginshaw principle'.
The more infelicitously phrased parts of this book reminded me of Walter Kaufmann's preface to I and Thou, in which he attempts to emulate Martin Buber's style but manages in the end only to parody it.
Speakes had infelicitously revealed that he had made up quotes for President Reagan and was soon fired from his job as press spokesman for Merrill Lynch when callers started demanding to know if he was making up quotes there too.
The hospital analogized it, rather infelicitously, to a tumor taken from a patient.
Listening in on their colloquy, it disconcerted him to find himself one of the DREGS, the monicker derived from the infelicitously worded title of his specific division of the refuse collecting set: Disposer of Refuse & Ecologic Goods.