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The translation is both readable and reasonably faithful to the original, albeit with the occasional infelicity.
Any comparison between the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the sacred sphere of literature was just "a cheap journalistic infelicity," Leavis said.
The principal infelicity of the book is the sheer itchiness on the part of the authors about their own methodology and their unreconciled eric and emic perspectives.
On occasion infelicity achieves a certain unwitting charm: 'all of mankind are fatally susceptible to Divine Providence' (p.
It is therefore salutary to hear them in a way that demonstrates that Corelli's music, no matter how fixed it may seem in its notated form, is as deserving of spontaneity as other Baroque music and is even enhanced by a little infelicity on the performers' part.
An infelicity is Doshi's decision to install hidden lighting around the floor edge, which is reminiscent of retail interior decoration.