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The problems are not limited to the occasional infelicity betraying the hand of a nonnative speaker, but extend to a degree of carelessness about important technical and conceptual terms.
The translation is both readable and reasonably faithful to the original, albeit with the occasional infelicity.
Although this particular infelicity seems attributable to an unfortunate choice of sources, about which more below.
Moreover, it is highly readable, notwithstanding the occasional infelicity in translation.
He polished each poem until nothing in it "bothered" him, as he would say, carefully eliminating each rough edge and infelicity until it was "uncorrectable.
Yet the major weaknesses of Tambling's book, both in its larger argument and in its stylistic infelicity, should not discourage readers from appreciating its many real virtues.
An infelicity is Doshi's decision to install hidden lighting around the floor edge, which is reminiscent of retail interior decoration.
For Schelling, there was no such thing as a universally valid system of philosophy, an infelicity that he regarded as an inglorious delusion.
Infelicity of language, unfortunately, makes it something of a chore to read this book, which in many ways deepens our understanding of one of the world's major architects.
87, footnotes), and the occasional infelicity of idiom that should have been caught by the editors.