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They analyzed a simple method to infer the user's home location using publicly available attributes and also the geographic information associated with the locatable friends.
We use J-measure to measure the quality of the rules to infer the attributes (e.
1996) found that Latino bilingual students who are strong readers of English developed unique strategies to infer and construct meaning in context even though they frequently encounter unknown words.
The court ruled that those facts were sufficient to infer that the defendant knew marijuana was in the package, even though it was not opened, and he only had possession of it for a moment before being arrested.
The larger the quantity of drugs, the more reasonable it is to infer that the transaction is not an isolated sale, but an act that is part of a larger conspiracy.
New theoretical studies reveal that this chirping signal has a form so complicated that researchers could use it to infer the masses, spins, and orbital paths of the two bodies producing the gravitational radiation.
Such a scheme lowers the probability that a user can infer the exact value of an individual's salary or some other attribute, the researchers say.