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1 However, multiple randomized controlled clinical trials have found no significant differences in pain on injection among the three techniques used for achieving mandibular anesthesia: standard inferior alveolar nerve block, Gow-Gates mandibular block, and Vazirani Akinosi mandibular block.
Caption: Figure 2: Endoscopy showing tumor adhesion to the inferior alveolar nerve (blue arrow), teeth (yellow arrow) and bone wall (green arrow) (magnification 10 x).
Infratemporal space infection can be observed after maxillary molar infections, a posterior superior alveolar nerve or inferior alveolar nerve blocks as well as mandibular third molar infections that spread to pterygomandibular space (15).
The method aims to remove only the crown part of an impacted mandibular third molar while leaving the root and pulp undisturbed, thereby avoiding direct or indirect damage to the inferior alveolar nerve.
A chlordiazepoxide (10 mg Iran Hakim) or oxazepam (10 mg Iran Hakim) tablet along with a glass of orange juice was given to the patient by the main researcher to take two hours before administration of the anesthetic and inferior alveolar nerve block.
Morphological variability of the human inferior alveolar nerve.
Pogrel suggested that there was no increased risk of inferior alveolar nerve damage using articaine and adverse effects were reported in proportion to its usage [Pogrel, 2007].
In this article we present a case of atypical origin and course of inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) and inferior alveolar artery (IAA).
When mandibular fracture occurs on angle zone, inferior alveolar nerve always is injured, and sensation disorders (lower lips, chin, alveolar process) emerge at its innervation point.

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