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If one reason for writing this is to satiate the immense but miserable Islamist desire to tackle their inferiority and Oedipus complexes over Western hegemony, another is related to the forthcoming elections in Turkey.
We should not forget that Cypriot society includes a big number of patented 'patriots' that represent and promote the most conservative, undemocratic and reactionary positions, reinforcing, albeit unintentionally, this inferiority complex towards mainland Greeks.
The scale comprises seven factors, which are perceived self-efficacy in managing inferiority (10 items), perceived self-efficacy in managing happiness/satisfaction (seven items), perceived self-efficacy in managing jealousy (seven items), perceived self-efficacy in managing horror/fear (eight items), perceived self-efficacy in managing confidence (six items), perceived self-efficacy in managing curiosity (two items), and perceived self-efficacy in managing reliance (two items).
Weiner adds physicians to the groups of professionals--ministers, lawyers, judges, even fiction writers--whose scholarship supported slavery by showing the supposed inferiority of slaves.
Freeman said that paranoia is rooted in a sense of inferiority.
Sense of inferiority and slavery could not be eliminated through the use of gun and bullets.
Even today, when we have two Albanian countries and when we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Albania's independence, when we should rightfully feel proud for the accomplishments, the Albanian future depends on the politicians, whose frustration emerges from their inferiority toward others, publicist Kim Mehmeti comments for Tuesday's leading article.
15:52 Gautham Manoj: It's just like "the chicken or the egg" paradox: Jealousy causes failure and further failure causes an inferiority complex and more jealousy
To do so can cause feeling of inferiority and intimidation.
So he realised early on that they might develop inferiority complex once they were on the IITcampus.
The socialization and "under-education" of African American female students engenders ideas of inferiority, while the presence of an inferior race, sex and class, in one body, may produce an ideology of mediocrity.
You have accused me of making "self-righteous speeches and "imaginary allegations"; "alienating allies"; having "misplaced anger"; it being "pointless" and "ill-fated"; having "big inferiority complex"; being "argumentative for no reason"; making "rantings of an angry person"; "us vs them battle"; "painting them the enemies"; and being "childish".