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Papadopoulos' inferiority complex towards the Greeks clouds his mind and instead of attacking the real culprit -- Samaras -- he reserved his ire for a non-Greek.
We belong on the same park - there's no inferiority complex here.
This is boosting black people's self-confidence and consequently reducing their subservience and inferiority complex.
Talk to a person with an inferiority complex, and no matter how much you praise his talents and accomplishments, he will still feel inadequate.
OSPREYS and Blues' players will have no inferiority complex when they chase a place in the Heineken Cup semi-finals today.
She also aims to expose the racism that serves to obscure this history and current relationship and urge Africans to overcome their own collective inferiority complex in order to resist the exploitation of the West.
Rather, it will die by suicide, bleeding itself here and there by the self-inflicted wounds of an inferiority complex.
It didn't do a whole hell of a lot for my inferiority complex, but I guess if they'd shown up and we'd gone skating and I was as good as them then our company would be in a shitload of trouble.
I suspect that Germany's great willingness to import foreign architects is due to a cultural and political inferiority complex.
And the Muslim world, seeing the power of the West, just as did the Chinese and the Japanese worlds, began to have a sense of servitude, obedience, and awe, combined with an inferiority complex, from the nineteenth century onwards: attitudes which are still very much with us.
If we as a country are going to move forward, we as Colombians have to get rid of our inferiority complex when we move in to the U.
American literary giant John Updike has praised the new generation of British novelists and assured them that they should no longer have an inferiority complex about their US peers.