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The Red Dragon flag is displayed increasingly from civic buildings and,most importantly, the inferiority complex suffered by so many of our people down the centuries is fast disappearing.
But Richardson insists his side won't suffer any inferiority complex in the second qualifying round first leg.
Dear Editor, - As an exiled Londoner, I heartily agree with Alison Dryborough (Post, Dec 14) - Midlanders and Northerners have a giant inferiority complex when it comes to the capital city.
They invariably come from the deprived areas of the English inner cities, they are poorly educated, they are bigoted and I suspect that they have a deep-seated inferiority complex.
Nick Mallett says Italy are beginning to enjoy the benefits of shedding their inferiority complex.
Lyon have suffered an inferiority complex against the bigger teams in the past.
THIS week's motherhood inferiority complex is provided courtesy of Jennifer Lopez.
In the build-up to the game Lucescu has suggested the vast wealth of Premiership stars would serve as inspiration to his team and he said: "Some of our players earn as much in a year as Michael Owen does in a week but there will be no inferiority complex.
Clarke said: "If you go with an inferiority complex you're beat before you even get there.
The dinosaurs have taken to the skies and some boast a wingspan of up to 12 metres - enough to give any pigeon an inferiority complex.
After working through their inferiority complex by beating the Trojans eight years in a row - the last three under Toledo - UCLA couldn't put up with losing four in a row and watching its rival rise to dominance again under Pete Carroll.
STEPH - Demonstrated inferiority complex around other women.