infernal machine

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Mateiko is to be arraigned April 24 in Worcester Superior Court on indictments charging him with four counts of possessing a machine gun, 21 counts of possessing an infernal machine, two counts of possessing explosives and one count each of improperly storing a firearm and receiving stolen property.
Worcester, charged with possession of fireworks, amended from possession of an infernal machine, continued without a finding for 6 months, ordered to complete 20 hours of community service and to pay $50 victim witness fee; throwing, placing, or exploding explosives, vandalizing property, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and malicious explosion, dismissed.
Instead of the joys of pedal power, what really lures people to the infernal machine in their droves is the simple childish thrill of dressing up.
The rapidly whirling plastic string of this infernal machine is used to trim away grass that grows up against tree trunks.
Top developers Lucasarts have dropped plans to release a PlayStation version of Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine.
The two are inextricably entwined, which is why this book, this exploration of "the lugubrious tick-tock of the infernal machine that Lautreamont left on the mind's doorstep," is so important.
Box-making techniques, as well as nailing requirements, changed and improved as a result of this one-of-a-kind infernal machine.
New work from three artists - Dave Griffiths, Martijn Hendriks and Stuart Croft - working with film as a gallery-based medium is featured in the show Infernal Machine.
Unleashing a torrent of frenzied movement in Peter Martins' The Infernal Machine, snapping fingers and hips in Jerome Robbins' Fancy Free, or dancing with classical clarity in Agon, New York City Ballet corps member Amar Ramasar has consistently stood out from the crowd since joining the company in 2001.
Apparently, Barbarella's considerable appetite for pleasure is too much for the infernal machine which bursts into flames and broke down.
This infernal machine has soaked up so much time (and we're staying in venues of such limited bathroom capacity) that in four days I've not had a shower and the cast are giving me a wide berth.
Anyway, soon after the Kriticosesenter the impressive, conveniently isolated show palace, switches get thrown and the place starts turning into what it really is: a giant, infernal machine built to harness wicked supernatural forces.