infernal machine

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The sea was banging like an infernal machine, but my generator was serene, content, composed, useless," Ravenshead complains, over the relentlessly marching beat of timpani and a wailing synthesized bagpipe.
The two are inextricably entwined, which is why this book, this exploration of "the lugubrious tick-tock of the infernal machine that Lautreamont left on the mind's doorstep," is so important.
Box-making techniques, as well as nailing requirements, changed and improved as a result of this one-of-a-kind infernal machine.
Well known among those of the first category were Antigone (1922; translated as 1962); Orphee (1926; translated as Orpheus, 1962); Oedipe - Roi (1928; translated as Oedipus Rex, 1962); La Machine infernale (1934; translated as The Infernal Machine, 1936), also on the Oedipal theme; Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde (1937), drawn from Arthurian legend; and Bacchus (1951).
The producer, Bob Swash, had seen a show that I directed in London, Jean Cocteau's The Infernal Machine, and he loved it and he gave me two plays of Willy's that he was going to produce in the West End," Simon explains.
New work from three artists - Dave Griffiths, Martijn Hendriks and Stuart Croft - working with film as a gallery-based medium is featured in the show Infernal Machine.
Unleashing a torrent of frenzied movement in Peter Martins' The Infernal Machine, snapping fingers and hips in Jerome Robbins' Fancy Free, or dancing with classical clarity in Agon, New York City Ballet corps member Amar Ramasar has consistently stood out from the crowd since joining the company in 2001.
Apparently, Barbarella's considerable appetite for pleasure is too much for the infernal machine which bursts into flames and broke down.
For seven months now I have been struggling to run an office based on its infernal machine.
Like much of Cocteau's theatre - including Beauty and the Beast, Orpheus and The Infernal Machine (and his sundry other versions of Oedipus) - Indiscretions gives concrete form to myth, fantasy and neurosis.
The story of Oedipus was told also by Seneca in his tragedy Oedipus and by Jean Cocteau in his play The Infernal Machine and in his libretto for Stravinsky 's opera Oedipus Rex.