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The doctrine of inferred intent was adopted in 1994 by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in the child sexual abuse case Aetna vs.
The Teacher Inferred Self-Concept Scale measured the pre- to post assessments of students' self concepts' as reported by their classroom teachers (McDaniel, 1973).
National Instrument 43-101 does not permit the addition of Inferred resources to those of a higher category in the reporting of resources.
mongolotimonae," which were grouped in the same cluster in three inferred dendrograms.
The Supreme Court of Montana acknowledged that knowing control cannot be inferred from mere possession alone.
From the inferred masses, scientists would have a good idea whether they were observing black holes or neutron stars.
DRDGOLD released an announcement on the ASX setting out the Inferred Mineral
Those courts that follow Wharton's Rule ordinarily would not permit a single act of purchasing or selling illegal drugs to be the basis for a charge of conspiracy unless there is some additional circumstantial evidence from which it can be inferred that the actor is part of a larger conspiracy.