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For example, if a user likes something on a Facebook page, we can infer that the user is interested in a specific issue on that page.
The experiments show that even though the Facebook users do not provide the two attributes in public, it is still possible to infer the attributes.
We infer user privacy based on the interactions between users instead of just the user profiles because the former is likely to give rise to unintentional and involuntary personal information leakage.
The two studies [5,18] attempted to infer private information in blogs.
They analyzed a simple method to infer the user's home location using publicly available attributes and also the geographic information associated with the locatable friends.
We use J-measure to measure the quality of the rules to infer the attributes (e.
In this section, we will present the methods to infer the birthdays and educational background of the Facebook users.
Trade Winds' recent discovery of a second, up-dip gold zone at depth along the down-plunge extent of the M Zone infers the structure's potential to contain a second near-surface deposit, with the potential to significantly add to the current resource.
The alliance combines TIAN's new technologies for analyzing run-time and historic activity to infer behavior and intent across customer touch-points with Immedient's industry expertise and successful e-Commerce implementations.
TIAN's relevancy services dynamically adapt to both predictive and unexpected user behaviors, infer intent using intelligent, high-performance inference technology, then provide highly personalized content by analyzing users' immediate and historic behavior.
TIAN's ability to group behavioral patterns, infer intent, and intelligently stream relevant content accelerates IQ3G's Mobile Matrix platform toward industry leadership.
TIAN's relevancy services analyze run-time and historic activity in order to infer behavior and intent across customer touch-points.