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Her lawyer Yousuf Al Beloushi, of Bin Suwaidan Advocates and Legal Consultants, argued in his lawsuit: "My client became permanently infertile due to the defendant's mistake and she lost God's most precious gift - the gift of becoming a mother.
Genetic aspect is generally not looked into with regard to infertile couples," Dr Singh said.
Overall, 5ml NS oil administration for 2 months significantly improved all semen parameters in the infertile men in the study.
Although the researchers were able to create primordial germ cells from the infertile men, their stem cells made far fewer of these sperm progenitors than did stem cells from men without the mutations.
This finding differs from a number of studies indicating frequent use of active-avoidance coping among infertile women elsewhere (15).
For the first time in the world, Iranian and Canadian scientists succeeded in creating PGC from the skin of an infertile person," Karim Nayernia, an Iranian geneticist, told FNA.
Stinne Holm Bergholt, from Denmark, was diagnosed with bone cancer and became infertile after chemotherapy.
A study found that female Anopheles mosquitoes cannot tell if males they have mated with are fertile or infertile.
Fertility awareness" is a set of practices to determine fertile and infertile phases of a women's menstrual cycle, so she can avoid or become pregnant.
Summary: STOCKHOLM, Shawwal 25, 1431, Oct 04, 2010, SPA -- Robert Edwards of Britain has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine for the development of in-vitro fertilization, a breakthrough that has helped millions of infertile couples to have children.
Yunis, a man becomes permanently infertile when his testicles take a direct hit.
A WOMAN left infertile after two cervical smear tests were misdiagnosed has received a payout of more than pounds 500,000.