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However, in India, male infertility is largely an ignored phenomenon and women are subjected to a lot of social stigma for being unable to bear children.
While the study corroborated the rise in male infertility that has been noticed for some time now, they added 'these findings could have far-reaching effects on male fertility, infertility, and its treatment.
Previous studies have inferred a connection between infertility and sleep apnea, or disrupted breathing during sleep.
Recently, it appears young men are threatened more by infertility than those aged 40 and over.
The survey also outlined Vitamin D deficiency as a major cause of infertility as against the pre-conceived notion - exposure to sunlight has no real benefits.
High cost infertility treatment, low accuracy rate of the treatment and social stigma related to the infertility treatment are the major factors constraints that are hindering the growth of the global Female Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Market across the globe.
Over the past 30 years, my research has focused on male infertility in the Middle East.
However, despite a low violence rate, there is an increase in violence toward women who have been diagnosed with infertility.
To analyse the common causes in Primary and Secondary infertility through Hysteroscopy and through Laparoscopy.
In collaboration with partners, CDC developed the National Public Health Action Plan for the Detection, Prevention, and Management of Infertility, which identifies opportunities to prevent and reduce infertility and improve outcomes for couples undergoing fertility treatment.
Conclusion: The best chance of pregnancy was found in cases with anovulatory infertility, a history of prior pregnancy, and high midluteal progesterone levels following treatment with gonadotrophins and intrauterine insemination.
The 1981 census of India estimated infertility to be in die range of 4-6%.