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INFIDEL, persons, evidence. One who does not believe in the existence of a God, who will reward or punish in this world or that which is to come. Willes' R. 550. This term has been very indefinitely applied. Under the name of infidel, Lord Coke comprises Jews and heathens; 2 Inst 506; 3 Inst. 165; and Hawkins includes among infidels, such as do not believe either in the Old or New Testament. Hawk. P. C. b 2, c. 46, s. 148.
     2. It is now settled that when the witness believes in a God who will reward or punish him even in this world he is competent. See willes, R. 550. His belief may be proved from his previous declarations and avowed opinions; and when he has avowed himself to be an infidel, he may show a reform of his conduct, and change of his opinion since the declarations proved when the declarations have been made for a very considerable space of time, slight proof will suffice to show he has changed his opinion. There is some conflict in the cases on this subject, some of them are here referred to: 18 John. R. 98; 1 Harper, R. 62; 4 N. Hamp. R. 444; 4 Day's Cas. 51; 2 Cowen, R. 431, 433 n., 572; 7 Conn. R. 66; 2 Tenn. R. 96; 4 Law Report, 268; Alis. Pr. Cr. Law, 438; 5 Mason, 16; 15 mass. 184; 1 Wright, 345; So. Car. Law Journ. 202. Vide Atheist; Future state.

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Al-Azhar must call the ISIS fighters, the Muslim Brotherhood and any scum who kill us infidels," wrote @samehhanafym.
Because of this, the method the jihadists will employ to continue to wreak havoc will shift even more to the so-called lone wolf terrorist or cadres of sympathizers living among the infidels.
In other words, if you wear the cross of St George you are advertising that you're an infidel.
Summary: Detained suspect Taha al-Zoubi, accused of consorting with Daesh (ISIS) and unearthing young recruits for the organization, shocked interrogators at the Military Court Monday when he accused the assembled parties of being infidels.
He cautioned that football was responsible for "abominable and corrupt acts," including befriending and admiring infidels, sparking hostility between supporters of different teams, cursing, profiteering and insulting others when one's team wins.
The Infidel also picked up a Loaded LAFTA award for Funniest film and Omid was shortlisted for the Peter Sellers Award at the British Film Awards.
Don't worry; I as well as all the other Muslims, who do not agree with these extremists' thoughts, are considered as infidels in their eyes, and so we should seek repentance
It sows deceit and conspiracy amongst them, so they become meagre entities under an infidel occupation," it added as it called on Muslims to "obey your lord, and work with us to put an Islamic system into place, and establish a caliphate based on prophecy.
At the start of The Infidel, we are taken back to 9/11 where we see innocent Americans jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers, their only alternative being incineration.
A lo largo del gran arco temporal que trazan La mansion roja y La vida infidel d'un Arlequi, primera y ultima novelas, respectivamente, de Joan Oleza, el autor ha ido narrando los procesos de transformacion del imaginario colectivo espanol, desde el ambito mas autoctono y particular hasta el mas europeo y universal.
I point out, "That's what they call me--and by the way, they call you an infidel too.
The Infidel is quite clearly a rerun of the earlier (and much better and funnier) Leon the Pig Farmer (Vadim Jean and Gary Sinyor, directors, 1992).