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During this same time period, the overall mean infiltrate rate across all in-patient units was 8.
In LL, grenz zone with pan dermal infiltrate was seen in 100% cases, while histoid leprosy showed spindle-shaped tumor-like infiltrate of histiocytes forming whorls and/or interlacing bands in the dermis.
Biopsy specimens from the anal mass revealed fragments of polypoid granulation tissue with a prominent chronic inflammatory infiltrate with scattered plasma cells (Figure 2, C).
2) To find the role of subepithelial chronic inflammatory infiltrate on overlying epithelium with regard to its thickness
Atrophic epithelial lining was associated with moderate inflammatory infiltrate in the cystic capsule (Table 1), with diffuse location (p = 0.
On histopathology showed cutaneous leukemic infiltrate with display of several patterns.
The term sterile corneal infiltrate covers conditions such as contact lens peripheral ulcer (CLPU) and contact lens associated red eye (CLARE).
EDT), that served to distract the military and allow a group of jihadists to infiltrate the city by night," he said.
The men were charged with using the Gozi virus to infiltrate more than one million computers worldwide.
Terrorists who attacked workers at the Sinai border fence, murdering one, had hoped to infiltrate Israel and slaughter Jewish families.
Their assessment is that the Macedonian wines can infiltrate the Russian market as they are competitive with quality and price.
The incident is the latest in a string of apparent attempts by militants to infiltrate Israel via its border with Egypt, according to the Israeli military.