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The army, backed by the popular defense groups, confronted al-Nusra terrorists who infiltrated into the vicinity of al-Baath city, Khan Arnaba town, Dahret al-Kassara and Tal Ahmar in Quneitra, and killed a group of the militants.
Local sources said Saturday the defense units have re-established control over the sites into which ISIS terrorists had infiltrated.
Such fears might be dismissed as "paranoia" by some, but one highprofile protester claimed it was certain the camp was infiltrated.
The IOF were trying to Arafa Abu Srour, age 25, who started running away the moment he realized that soldiers had infiltrated into Aida.
Five Israeli tanks and two bulldozers infiltrated and went about 200 meters into lands located to the east of Khuza'a, where they leveled land and opened fire on nearby houses as reconnaissance drones were hovering over the area.
The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that seven Israeli army vehicles, comprising three bulldozers and four tanks, infiltrated for a distance of three hundred meters into Palestinian farmlands, starting from (Kosofim) location on the borderline east of the town accompanied with Israeli gunfire targeting Palestinian households and bulldozed Palestinian farmlands and erected earth embankments in the area.
Baghdad: Clashes on Tuesday in north Iraq between security forces and anti-government protesters allegedly infiltrated by militants left 27 people dead and about 70 injured, top army officers said.
It is clear that others were attacked and infiltrated recently as well.
JERUSALEM: Israeli forces engaged in a firefight overnight with gunmen who infiltrated from Egypt's Sinai peninsula, killing one, the Israeli military said on Tuesday.
This active Lebanese blogger has posted excerpts from an article in The Atlantic, detailing how the CIA infiltrated Pakistan via aid groups.
Because police infiltrated the page and most of his pals were "revolted" by his plan, no one turned up, Chester Crown Court heard.
Summary: Washington - Polisario mercenaries are among the merchants of death who infiltrated Libya in an attempt to spread terror and thwart the Libyan revolution, former Libyan Minister in charge of immigrants, Ali Errichi said on Friday in Washington.