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It is believed that many terrorists are being pushed in Jammu and Kashmir by terror groups and during the last one week, it is the tenth infiltration bid that has been foiled on the LoC.
Bone marrow infiltration by Non-Hodgkin lymphoma points towards stage IV disease and is associated with poor prognosis.
In NHL patients diffuse pattern of bone marrow infiltration was the commonest being observed in 14 (46%) cases followed by interstitial infiltration in 10(33%) cases.
The company's technology aids clinicians by continuously monitoring a patient's peripheral IV, providing early detection of IV infiltrations and extravasations.
0 according to window airtightness test method standard KS F 2292, a Korean standard for measuring window air infiltration (KSA 2013).
In order to solve this problem, the model of Kostiakov-Lewis was developed, in which the infiltration rate tends to a constant value when time tends to infinite.
The infiltration trend will stop automatically as soon as the border is sealed permanently.
The degree of fatty infiltration in each muscle was quantified based on a revised version of the Goutallier 5-point classification as follows (Fig.
The most important objective pursued in casual infiltration is to influence decision-making.
Further, infiltration reduces total system capacity, causes burdens to pump operations, and generates 50% excess flow to our treatment facilities, costing the rate-payer unnecessarily.
Subjects were randomly allocated into two groups One group received 4% articaine buccal infiltration and the other group received inferior alveolar nerve block of 4% articaine.