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Solitary tumours, medullar location, weak and heterogeneous enhancement, involvement of the renal sinus, infiltrative growth, preserved renal contour, calcifications, and a cystic component are common CT findings in patients with CDC of the kidney.
All patients will continue to show tumor growth and progression because of rapidly proliferating infiltrative disease remaining after surgery," according to the study.
Lesions may involve one or both kidneys and can either be generally infiltrative or, much more frequently, focal (3, 4, 7, 8).
The diagnosis of PCa is based on a constellation of morphologic features, both architectural (small, infiltrative acini; fused acini; cribriform proliferations; solid nests of cells/cords of cells) and cytologic (nuclear enlargement, prominent nucleoli, and nuclear hyperchromasia).
In the spleen, the metastasis was characterized by large numbers of diffuse, undifferentiated spindle cells (ie, growing trabecular epithelial cells) with heterogeneity, infiltrative moderate mitotic figures, and mild diffuse lymphocytic infiltrate as well as a central cyst.
Infiltrative growth pattern and lymphovascular invasion may be identified, but there is no evidence of spreading outside of surface epithelium.
Immunohistochemical examination showed CD38 and kappa (K) staining in infiltrative plasma cells, but no lambda ([lambda]) staining.
Duodenal tuberculosis is classified into Ulcerative, Hyperplastic, Enteroperitoneal and Infiltrative types.
One blogger from Cairo, Andreas Fares, wrote in his post, titled "Facing One Of Egypt's Most Infiltrative Disease; Sexual Harassment.
Diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome (DILS) is an entity found in patients infected with the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) with a persistent CD8+ lymphocytosis and diffuse lymphocytic infiltration of various organs.
He finds that using imiquimod after EDC in challenging tumors or in tumors with an infiltrative component increases the cure rate and decreases scarring.
Regarding rejection of a heart by a recipient, ISHLT recommended that an endomyocardial biopsy be used in recipients thought to have an infiltrative cardiomyopathy or inflammation, such as giant cell myocarditis.