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85-87,89) Histologically, MAC is an ill-defined, infiltrative lesion that extends deep in the dermis (Figure 6).
Magnetic resonance image (MRI) of left hip revealed large infiltrative lesion involving the left hip bone mimicking an osteosarcoma (Figure: Panel B).
Computerized tomography (CT) images showed a 6 cm heterogeneous, infiltrative tumor within the prostate gland extending to the trigon of the bladder, left seminal vesicle and rectum (Figure 1).
3 Among them, the superficial, nodular and infiltrative ones are the most frequent and the most important from clinical perspective.
10] Although, lymphangioma is a benign tumour, its infiltrative tendency enables it to grow along tissue planes.
Detailed clinico-ophthalmic examination revealed raised, red, infiltrative mass in bulbar conjunctiva of right eye.
It was most intense around the infiltrative subtypes.
The clinical significance of SMA is highlighted by its relatively high infiltrative capacity and recurrence (especially after less than optimal treatment).
Persistent increases in cardiac troponins can occur in multiple conditions including heart failure, left ventric ular hypertrophy, infiltrative disease, or chronic kidney disease (1).
In the legs you can sometimes get an infiltrative lipoma, which starts to invade the muscle layers and is a bit more aggressive.
Lack of a widely accepted classification system that accurately describes the extent and severity of the disease and takes into account various phenotypes-in particular deep infiltrative disease- is amongst factors that have hindered research in the field.
The growth was diagnosed as an infiltrative spinal lipoma.