infinite duration

See: perpetuity
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This is a one-time and temporary decision, not a freeze of unlimited and infinite duration.
In the Islamic world, calligraphy is revered as a medium of infinite duration and a visual expression of faith.
Hence sound art's coincidence and connection with Minimalism, Earthworks, installation, and other forms that, as Michael Fried famously complained, substitute infinite duration for transcendent presentness.
Conduant Corporation, the leading developer of ultra-fast, hard disk-based, long duration recording and playback systems, announced today the release of its Big River TK200, a rack mountable subsystem featuring two hot-swappable 8-drive modules for infinite duration recording and playback.
The ever-lower cost to generate digital content and the continually lower costs to store and retrieve data make the growth of digital content an event of infinite duration.
Assuming an infinite duration extending from a past without beginning to the present moment, this possibility must have been realized, given the specified condition.
Assuming as given a possibility that tends toward realization in the context of an infinite duration, the constant realization of other possibilities that are incompossible with and that prevent the realization of the given one may itself be something possible.
No mention is made in the text of the third way of the principle about genuine possibility and infinite duration that Gilson cites.
I have argued that one cannot successfully defend the argument by appealing to the principle about genuine possibility and infinite duration, as Gilson does, or by analyzing the fallacy of composition in the way that Edwards suggests, or by understanding the logic and content of the third way by drawing on the Aristotelian references that Owens cites or by comparing the third way to the argument in the Summa Contra Gentiles in the manner that Owens does.
Under the plan, domestic partners of the same sex must be at least 18, have lived together for at least a year, be in a ``long-term relationship of infinite duration,'' and provide documents showing mutual home ownership or lease, common bank accounts, credit cards or investments, among other requirements.
What (6) tells us is that the world, taken as actually existing through an infinite duration of time, was possible; hence, the possibility raised in (6) is of something infinite in duration, an actually infinite thing.