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Infinitely Virtual is a provider of high quality and affordable cloud server technology, capable of delivering services to any type of business, via terminal servers, sharepoint servers and SQL servers -- all based on cloud servers.
There are infinitely many elliptic curves whose rank is exactly two under the parity conjecture.
I can't tell you how many times I've done a Google search and clicked on a promising result, only to realize I was on an infinitely scrolling page--and finding the information that was pertinent to me was a Sisyphean task of scrolling, with jumpy pages and a generally terrible user experience.
In Infinitesimal, the author weaves a historical drama, with all the intrigue of an adventure novel, set in the context of the mathematics of the infinitely small.
In that situation, the business would pay only for data that Infinitely Virtual stores.
As a QuickBooks Premier Reseller for the entire line of QuickBooks products and services, Infinitely Virtual can identify processes that simplify business operations, provide consultation services to analyze customer needs, and offer productivity tools to improve functionality, whether a given small or midsize business is currently in the Cloud or simply contemplating the move.
Designed by John Liptac, who holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from MIT, Dialtone Pickups claims the world's first infinitely tone-adjustable electric guitar pickup.
Someone falling into a black hole will indeed seem to take infinitely long to cross the event horizon, at least as seen from far away.
1) Are there infinitely many composite Mersenne numbers?
But it was infinitely easier than holding my son dying.
It was infinitely easier than saying my final farewell to him with my wife.