infinitely powerful

See: omnipotent
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Indeed, to believe that such institutions won't fail--that they are infinitely powerful, adaptable, flexible--is to retain a humanistic faith in man-made systems of control.
However merciful Allah may be, he is so infinitely great that no man can even begin to grasp what he is (not to mention form an image of him); and Allah is so infinitely powerful that not only is there nothing conceivable that he cannot do, but he must be conceived of as the only being in the universe who is endowed with any real power (which is why he is the one and only god).
Still, the newspapers are not infinitely powerful, and their man Cameron can still lose.
He goes on to say that God is infinitely powerful and intelligent, that He created all things.
After some unsuccessful responses in his early commentary on the Lombard's Sentences, Aquinas eventually based his mature answer on the mysterious and incomprehensible transcendence of divine causality: God's will is such a unique and infinitely powerful agent that it also produces the modality of its effects, whether necessary or contingent.
Various definitions of the sublime are offered in the course of the book, but for the most part it refers to the attempt to present the unpresentable, that is, the infinitely powerful and great.
For example, a substantial literature on the problem of evil purports to show a rationally conclusive case against the existence of an infinitely powerful and infinitely good God.
Even if meteorologists had access to an infinitely powerful supercomputer, they could not hope to forecast rain or shine a month ahead of time.