infinitely wise

See: omniscient
References in classic literature ?
They floundered and gibbered and mowed at his feet, lord of life and death that he was, infinitely wise as he had so often proved himself, as he had this time proved himself again.
I considered that this was the station of life the infinitely wise and good providence of God had determined for me; that as I could not foresee what the ends of Divine wisdom might be in all this, so I was not to dispute His sovereignty; who, as I was His creature, had an undoubted right, by creation, to govern and dispose of me absolutely as He thought fit; and who, as I was a creature that had offended Him, had likewise a judicial right to condemn me to what punishment He thought fit; and that it was my part to submit to bear His indignation, because I had sinned against Him.
If I am on my game this exchange can have the desired effect of creating a "teachable moment," or at least one where I have an opportunity to think I am offering something infinitely wise.
Understandably we see our homes as safe havens, but sometimes we close the door, relax,and safety seems to go out of the window,'' says the infinitely wise Roger Vincent, of RoSPA.
As Locke puts it, "Men being all the workmanship of one omnipotent and infinitely wise maker, all the servants of one sovereign master.
Once again, our infinitely wise City Council members are proving they are experts at wasting the taxpayers' money.
We think of her as our nation's grandmother; compassionate, nurturing and infinitely wise.