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That scientists from six laboratories worldwide reported a reaction brought hosannas from many practitioners of homeopathic medicine, a 200-year-old practice that has endured criticism for its use of infinitesimal doses of drugs to stimulate a cure.
As for those notorious infinitesimal doses, experiments have repeatedly shown that highly diluted remedies are capable of both stimulating and inhibiting colony growth in bacterial cultures, (7) in vitro enzymatic activity in tissue culture and cell-free extracts, (8) seed germination and growth in various plant species, (9) and various global properties of higher animals.
Its singular propensity to attract qualified doctors from almost every country at a time when allopathic medicine has become the dominant model of health care in the world represents not only a significant historical achievement in its own right but also a persuasive argument for the validity of the Law of Similars, the efficacy of Hahnemann's infinitesimal doses, and the ultimate authenticity of the homeopathic phenomenon itself.