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to support the development and advancement ABWN's Infinitus Super Highway(TM), the company said.
Runner-Up: Infinitus Medical Technologies Hadron FPLS
ViaLight has been engaged by ABWN to develop, design, test and manufacture a custom hybrid synchronized laser based communication system to link neighboring aircraft and/or ground stations on Airborne Wireless Network's Infinitus Super Highway, which will provide a low-cost, broadband wireless communication infrastructure by using and modifying existing, small, lightweight, low-power relay station equipment that will be installed onboard aircraft.
The company will be using this method as a roadmap to attempt to exponentially increase data transfer speeds for the company's contemplated Infinitus Super Highway.
The company expects to significantly accelerate the development of ABWN's command, control, communication and coordination software modules of its Infinitus Super Highway, under the agreement with TDT.
He was an Assistant Head of Division of Communication Engineering between 2011 and 2013 and a Director of Infinitus, Centre for Infocomm Technology, between 2013 and 2016.
2:10 pm: Fragrance essential oil effects on nerve cell biological and human biophysiological responses--Lei Xiao, Infinitus Inc.
After carving a successful career in tennis, Tony reverted back to his first love of gardening and began his horticulture adventure in 2000 when he set up his own landscaping company, Hortus Infinitus.
Quoniam Deus est ens necessarium, quia ipse est infinitus et aeternus, et aliter nullatenus potest esse.
The Montgomery recycling center, Infinitus Renewable Energy Park's Advanced Mixed Materials Recovery Facility, also cited poor market conditions when announcing its temporary closure in October.