infirmity of old age

See: caducity
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Body-building stem cells discovered in muscle could in future be used to treat wasting diseases and fight the infirmity of old age, it was claimed yesterday.
All of Eliot's creations are here Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, the mischievous animals who steal jewellery from women during dinner, cartwheeling in tandem across the stage with breathtaking agility; Gus the Theatre Cat who amuses his friends with tall tales of his days treading the boards switching from the infirmity of old age to the deftness of youth in a dramatic flashback; and Macavity the mystery cat who vanishes at the sign of trouble which he has almost certainly caused.
Sections containing Matisse's thoughts and fears help us understand the importance of his art to his life as well as the difficulty of dealing with the infirmity of old age and impending death.