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There is no productive infixation in word-formation of European languages.
The third affix category, infixation, differs fundamentally from prefixation and suffixation.
Infixation is supposed to work within a single morph and not at morpheme boundaries, let alone at the border between derivation and inflection.
In the following subsections I briefly consider featural affixes, infixation and reduplication.
For substantial arguments have been advanced in favor of considering these forms as being characterized not by infixation, but by the process of noun formation that depends on patterning (see, e.
infixation merger into one syllable *haitan : *h-e-ait > *heet > h[e.
Bakema & Geeraerts (2000: 1045), for instance, also list infixation and submorphemic formation.
In Shuswap, for example, the diminutive is formed by infixation of a consonant following the stressed vowel.
Imperative stems for G-stem verbs appear to have been formed in early Semitic through the introduction into the preterite/jussive stem (either through infixation or, for Arabic, prefixation) of a high vowel agreeing in roundedness with the vowel of the stem.