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Gnawed within and scorched without, with the infixed, unrelenting fangs of some incurable idea; such an one, could he be found, would seem the very man to dart his iron and lift his lance against the most appalling of all brutes.
Object pronominals may occur as suffixes or infixes and may change according to the preceding vowel or consonant of the verb to which they are infixed or suffixed.
I gazed upon the sheeny coast beyond, There where the Giant of old Time infixed The limits of his prowess, pillars high Long time erased from Earth:.
The trainer consists of a body whose external surface, in principle, repeats the contour of a combat mine, and its inside is installed with a barrel with an infixed charge.
No outwall and no adamant infixed with stars: no sphere.
Yet such spiritual self-surrender to the beloved, whether a woman or Christ, is energetically resisted by the Bastard, who responds to Lewis's assertion, "I do protest I never loved myself/Till now infixed I beheld myself/Drawn in the flattering table of her eye," with the outburst:
If there is a drop in marginal costs but not infixed costs," for example, food becomes less expensive, and the time costs of preparing meals remain constant or increase, portion sizes at home increase.
jubilesta [<jubilee], Hallowesta < Halloween]) and el -o which constitutes an amusing variation of whatever is infixed (el cheapo 'heap product', el ropo, etc.
The egotism of the Dauphin's conclusion that he never loved himself "Till now infixed I beheld myself,/ Drawn in the flattering table of her eye" (II.
Listening to the "inner" recognizes that the intelligence of sound leaves imprints - living sound fossils of fibrous roots infixed deep in restless twists,(2) which can be mined by leaving the mind, by listening into the silence.