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AMBROSIA: Seller's favorite hay fever quick fix comes from an unlikely source: the same ragweed that inflames so many noses.
Religion has polarized Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, Hindus and Muslims in India; tribal differences decimated Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda; ideological feuds pounded Cambodia; and skin-color prejudice continues to inflame many countries.
Nothing should be done to inflame matters, and China will handle the issue as a responsible major power, he added.
Cellular debris builds up into plaques, and immune cells called leukocytes inflame the damaged area.
To inflame or not to inflame Although recent trial participants experienced relief from muscle soreness with a topical non-steriodal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID), some doctors believe the clinical evidence is thin at best that these drugs do much to help running injuries recover quicker, and they question whether they ought to be the first choice for treatment of sprains, strains, overuse injuries and fractures in athletes.
Their conclusion may only inflame the debate, however.
Their immune response leads to the production of natural chemicals that inflame the intestines, he says.
These bacteria seek out the human excretory system, where they thrive and inflame tissues in the urinary tract, kidneys, and stomach.
AN OUTBREAK of rare forms of a condition which inflames a sufferer's nervous system has been reported in South Wales.
And staying the course indefinitely inflames nationalistic resentment and feeds the insurgency.
The resulting Black Legend was eagerly seized by Spain's enemies, and still inflames today's social values.