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It was Red-Eye, swaggering down the centre of the run-way and scowling fiercely with his inflamed eyes.
17 (ANI): Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is under monitoring for his inflamed pancreas at Mumbai's Lilavati hospital as he has not been advised to undergo any surgery, said an official from his office.
Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition whereby inflamed and narrowed air passages cause difficulty with breathing.
Injecting an inflamed tendon is a definite no-no, because it weakens the cord of fibrous collagen attaching muscle to bone.
An inflamed disc in his back forced Drysdale out of last month's British Masters and the penultimate event of the "regular" season but he appeared to have buried any lingering concerns as he kept within three strokes of leader George Coetzee of South Africa.
The medical term for inflamed lips is cheilitis and is usually due to mild irritation.
Over time plaque can build up on the gums, causing them to bleed when inflamed - a condition known as gingivitis.
When he sipped, suddenly hair on his chest inflamed.
Men in their 30s with inflamed gums caused by severe periodontal disease were three times more likely to suffer from impaired erectile function, according to a study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine.
This term is applicable to both findings of inflamed as well as a non inflamed appendix.
Pulling force" pain between two toes in the ball of the foot is typically associated with a chronically inflamed joint, a.