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Based on the analysis of test results and on literature regarding impregnation issues, a statement may be made that the favourable results of the vacuum-and-pressure impregnation (ie decreased wood inflammability and combustibility) are accompanied by some unfavourable phenomena such as decreased strength and impact strength, and brittleness.
(13) Adopting a foundationalist epistemology, which identified knowledge with "eureka" discoveries, or "crucial experiments," positivist-whig historians focused on Lavoisier's experiments on combustion: where the phlogistians saw the release of phlogiston (the principle of inflammability) from the combustible, Lavoisier saw the absorption of oxygen by the combustible.
The chemical properties that made PCBs desirable in industrial applications (inflammability, chemical stability, and miscibility with organic compounds, or lipophilicity) are the same properties that have contributed to their environmental problems.
Burning Index Meter--A device for measuring inflammability and rate of spread of fire.
All contact adhesives, except for 1.0 0.2 foam adhesives meeting inflammability tests
Inflammability, safety and structural integrity were tested with German thoroughness.
In other words, it is built into the meaning of 'inflammability' that inflammable objects burn when exposed to naked flames.
An MSDS is a fact sheet that describes the chemical makeup of a material and includes information on stability, inflammability, health hazards, cleanup procedures, and protective equipment.
These include minimal toxicity, environment-friendly, inflammability and long pot life, among others.