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The coast guard has determined that due to inadequate ventilation in the tank, static electricity resulting from the cleaning set fire to the inflammable gas that had remained.
He said he arrived in the Kingdom a year ago and had been driving trucks since, but did not indicate whether he had any past experience in transporting highly inflammable substances.
Rahul, a native of Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu was admitted to Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital on Thursday for burns reportedly caused by a rare medical phenomenon known as Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) wherein a person catches fire due to emission of inflammable substances through the body.
On Wednesday night, a group of Chinese right-of-abode claimants allegedly poured and lit inflammable liquid inside an immigration office after their demand for Hong Kong identity cards was not met.
They are all free of GM material, animal derivatives, nut derivatives, mineral hydrocarbons and are non inflammable.
Nicole Masterton suffered 90 per cent burns when a bottle of inflammable liquid exploded in the back garden of her home in Dalhousie Street, Monifieth, Angus.
He confirmed that the vessel did contain inflammable petrol and turpentine products, and a small explosion deep in the cargo hold triggered fire.
They also participated in un-authorised gatherings in a public place, which disrupted public security, resorted to violence and possessed inflammable materials in order to use them for the aim of putting people's lives and properties at risk.
For now, doctors say they can only ensure the baby stays away from inflammable substances such as matchsticks, silks, kerosene oil, etc, and also stays in controlled temperatures.
Some inflammable materials were found stuffed in the emergency exit areas, while others were stored near electric generators, service and pump rooms.
As both the units had inflammable items, the fire started to spread beyond control.
A FOUR-month-old foal died after being doused in inflammable liquid and set on fire as it grazed in a field.