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The official expressed confidence that inflated gas bills caused by high pressure would be readjusted before June 30, while the Petroleum Division would look into the mechanism of reimbursing inflated bills caused the slabs.
Around 3.2 million consumers got inflated bills, of which 48,000 were affected by the high pressure factor.
The government Wednesday removed Managing Director Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) for sending inflated gas bills to consumers.
Last month, Prime Minister Imran Khan had ordered the authorities concerned to reimburse the amount collected from the consumers through inflated gas bills and act against those responsible.The prime minister chaired a high level meeting here to discuss the issue of inflated gas bills wherein he was presented a preliminary inquiry report.
The minister admitted that inflated bills had been mistakenly sent to consumers.
He told the SSGCL MD to resolve the issue of low gas pressure and look into the matter of inflated bills in Quetta and its nearby areas.
Jyrki Rauhio, South Asia head of Citi Private Bank, said, 'Right now, with many smaller private banks trying to hire in Asia, there are some enormous salaries and inflated titles being offered to some private bankers.
"However, it was with dismay that we learnt that the story was premised on a customer campaign on so called 'inflated bill'."
A man in Bihar died from severe heart attack after he was handed out an inflated power bill of Rs2.9 million (Dh163,726) for three months.
Made from durable woven fabric, the Super Comfort Series has the same inflation mechanism as the existing model, but features a unique burst zip for when the jacket is inflated. Available in either a manual inflation version, in which a mechanism activates at the pull of the cord and releases a C[O.sup.2] canister inflating the jacket, or as an automatically inflating model, which will inflate when immersed in water.
Immediately following placement and confirmation of ideal LMA position, the cuff was inflated with 5, 7, 10 ml of air and up to 30 ml at 5 ml increment.
A vaginally inserted device that uses a balloon inflated by the patient to occlude the rectum has been cleared for marketing as a treatment for fecal incontinence in adult women, the Food and Drug Administration announced.