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The US Federal Reserve is set to raise rates later this year on the back of solid growth, despite a global environment of low growth and weak inflatio
USPRwire, Mon Oct 06 2014] The fragile Argentine economy will have a hugely negative impact on the telecoms sector in 2014, as high inflation and concerns about currency stability will affect the purchasing power of Argentine people as inflatio n is expected to move above 30%.
Shadow the Tre inflatio prices st the cos Camero "And in energ and pen the squ "And with inflation-busting hikes in energy prices in the pipeline, families and pensioners will carry on feeling the squeeze.
RIGA - Work on a government strategy for reducing Latvia's inflatio launched last summer, has not advanced much further since, and no official document has been drawn up yet, reports LETA.
melancolia] sequitur tamen tumor in cartilagine et inflatio et dolor, unde quidam illos [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] appellarunt, quoniam [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dicitur cartilago.
Just as Bernanke and Gertler (1999) criticize the Bank of Japan for focusing on asset price inflatio n at the expense of the general price level in the 1989-97 period so too may Confederate monetary policy have been directed too much toward stabilizing asset markets with less favorable consequences for the prices of other goods and services.
For illustrative purposes, a simulation has been run using the OECD Interlink model which suggests that a temporary increase of the oil price by $10 per barrel, lasting one year, would on average lead to a temporary increase in inflatio n of around 1/2 percentage point and a temporary reduction in output of around 1/4 percentage point, albeit with significant differences across regions (see Box I.
The mildly restrictive fiscal stance in 2002 as estimated by the OECD should help damp inflatio n pressures somewhat.
A marginal overvaluation means that there are slight deflationary pressures, and we would expect the UK to continue to be in the bottom half of the target range for inflatio n over the next few years, much as it has been over the past few.
Most worrying of all, a high level of domestic debt tends to reduce the credibility of the government's resolve to keep inflatio low and increases the incentive to inflate away the debt.
Unit operational costs showed an improvement despite the high level of inflatio n in Zambia.
However, there does not appear to be a substantial inflatio n-risk premium in the yields of nominal Treasury securities currently, so TIIS do not appear particularly "cheap" for the Treasury to issue today.