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Aw said this adds pressure to the BSP to tighten its monetary policy stance to curb inflationary pressures.
Steinhardt had even been one of the original "architects" of inflationary theory, said the paper, but his later work "pointed out serious problems with its theoretical foundations.
It said: aACoeThe committee has weighed the inflationary risks and has resolved that monetary policy should continue to be relatively tight during the policy-relevant period in order to moderate inflationary pressures.
Thus the difference between money supply and real output is the actual inflationary gap, while the permissible inflationary gap is the difference between real output and double (permissible) money supply.
The second example of inflationary language comes from the Worcester Public Schools.
Moreover, moderating real incomes and the CBR's efforts to restrain consumer lending should effectively cap demand-pull inflationary pressure.
Possitive effects are awaited from the fiscal stabilization regarding expenditures, which should result in less pressure on inflationary expectations and the exchange rate.
The scale for the hike of basic pay in the previous two times was based on the inflationary rate and economic growth rate.
The current inflationary pressures are mainly from the supply side constraints of the agricultural products.
We maintain our view that inflationary pressure will increase gradually over the remaining months of the year.
Were China to allow the Yuan to appreciate against the American dollar, this would help to alleviate domestic Chinese inflationary pressure.
India's central bank has raised its key interest rates in a bid to control rising inflationary pressures.