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With the rise of inflationist emperor Xiaozong, from the early 1160s the Southern Song's central government returned to the Wang stance in money as in war.
41) Not surprisingly, according to the new aims pursued by the Court, the second part of the report on the service sector focused on many services that the Bank of Spain considered to be most inflationist.
Grant to the presidency, Inflationist sentiment carried considerable influence in Congress.
In "Weak Deflationism" (1997) I defend a deflationist account of truth for propositions and an inflationist correspondence account of truth for other truth-bearers.
These institutions were perceived to be ruthlessly exploiting western and southern debtors, mainly farmers, who favoured inflationist policies, including the monetarisation of silver, as a means of raising prices, restoring prosperity and escape from their burdens of debts.
A few days ago all the papers here struggled to get up a great anti-inflationist demonstration, and yet they were unable to assemble one-half as many people as attended a workingmen's meeting on the same night, which was hardly mentioned in any paper, and at which inflationist speeches were delivered.
The conservative line on Keynesian economics was that it was inflationist, socialist, or worse.
During the 1980s, the banking system was managed by the local governments (not by the central Beijing government), fact which according to the two authors created the path for an inflationist and corrupted system, on the verge of a civil war in 1989.
The Samuelson and Solow Phillips curve quickly became another weapon in the arsenal of Keynesian policymakers already predisposed towards inflationist policies.
Reevaluation is a complex process, often encountered in inflationist economies.
It were to be wished that the words "full employment" themselves, which have become so closely associated with the inflationist policy, should be abandoned--or that we should at least remember the sense in which this was the aim of classical economists long before Keynes: John Stuart Mill reports in his autobiography how "full employment with high wages" appeared to him in his youth as the chief desideratum of economic policy.