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When the airbag deploys, the inflator then ruptures and explodes, destroying the metal casing around the propellant and spraying shrapnel into the vehicles passenger compartment.
Earlier this month, the US Transportation Department and Takata confirmed that 17 automakers would recall another 35mn to 40mn airbag inflators by 2019 -- on top of 28.
A Takata spokesman said the company would raise output to 1 million inflators a month by September, an increase of 100,000 parts from the previous forecast and up from the current monthly level of 500,000.
5 million vehicles worldwide after investigations showed the Takata airbag inflators were not properly sealed and so could be damaged by moisture.
The company said: "As part of an ongoing investigation into Takata inflator issues, Nissan will expand its ongoing Takata passenger airbag inflator recall campaign to include additional model-year 2004 to model-year 2007 vehicles equipped with 'SPI' inflators.
Honda has so far borne the brunt of the recalls linked to the Takata air bag inflators, which can erupt with too much force, spraying shrapnel inside the car.
5 million vehicles and will replace any faulty inflators.
The inflators, in cars made by 10 companies, can explode with too much force, spewing shrapnel into drivers and passengers.
The action Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) covers driver's side air bags equipped with inflators made by Takata Corp.
At Autoliv's factory in Brigham City, about 250 robots carry out some of the most repetitive tasks required to make airbag inflators, which the company later installs to create complete car airbags.
The recall in India is part of a larger global recall of over 20 lakh vehicle which were fitted with the faulty air bag inflators manufactured between the year 2000-2002.
DC PPE ISEA Advisory Notice 13-03, MK-1 Life Preservers Auto Inflators As a result of high fleet demand, and limited availability of the CONAX inflator assemblies, NAVSURFWARCEN Div Panama City SEP 13 (NOTAL) authorizes the use of both the CONAX and chemical pill auto inflators until further notice.