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Jonathan Auburn for Aberdare Girls' School, rejected claims the school had adopted an inflexible and overly-rigid policy, also insisting that the school authorities were never "blind to exceptions".
PATIENTS are forced to go to hospital for reassurance because out-ofhours care is largely inadequate and inflexible, a report said yesterday.
PATIENTS are forced to go to hospital for reassurance because out-of-hours care is largely inadequate and inflexible, says a new report.
And it concludes: "Plants which are old-fashioned and inflexible, are simple assembly plants, are remote from the company's supply chain, produce only one main model, and have productivity or skills problems will be vulnerable.
The better way to protect the environment is to allow state and local authorities to tailor the details of their construction runoff programs to state and local conditions, and not to impose a rigid and inflexible federal standard.
Q PUTTING my pension fund into an annuity when I retire seems to be an inflexible way of providing me with a retirement income.
Bell's cubes, along with the work of California colleagues including Robert Irwin and James Turrell, offer softer gradations than Minimalism's seemingly inflexible profile, deploying natural light to inject perceptual poetics into what otherwise might be sterner stuff.
Scleroderma results when excess collagen protein accumulates in the skin, rendering it fibrous and inflexible.
For example, the big flying carpet roof typical of airports is inflexible because it's not easily reduced or extended.
They are often buggy, inflexible and designed to facilitate medieval forms of instruction.
Also, current relational databases, designed for structured transactions, are inflexible, expensive and not suited to the management of unstructured data (files).