inflexible routine

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The first question we should ask ourselves is this: "Do we belong to a profession or a bureaucracy?" A profession is defined as "a vocation or occupation requiring advanced education and training and involving intellectual skills, as medicine, law, theology, engineering, teaching, etc." (1) A bureaucracy is defined as "the administration of government through departments and subdivisions managed by sets of appointed officials following an inflexible routine." (2) But the question of whether we belong to a profession or a bureaucracy is not as simple to answer as we might think; we must truly reflect on what our profession is and what it means to be a professional within it.
Like their younger peers, older patients with ASD show persistent social deficit and rigid thinking, adhere to inflexible routines, and may have perseverative interests.
* Insistence on sameness, inflexible routines, or ritualized behavior.
Over the last decade, moreover, his setlists have fallen into fairly inflexible routines (he nearly always encores with "All Along the Watchtower" and "Like a Rolling Stone," for example).
Repetitive tasks, working alone, quiet atmospheres, inflexible routines and meeting deadlines all drive you mad.