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Rather than try to vector flights through "weak spots" or inflexibly denying deviation requests, they tend to work proactively to reroute flights away from the weather.
Staff car is the most sought after plum, and inflexibly.
This is the point when men and women must determine inflexibly that they will refuse the lie and confess the truth: "The simple act of the ordinary brave man is not to participate in lies, not to support false actions
inflexibly engaging in experiential avoidance strategies) or according to what is important for them in the long term (i.
On the contrary, one of the accepted virtues of freedom of testation is that it exploits the comparative advantage of testators to craft estate plans benefitting successors, taking into account the unique circumstances of each family; by comparison, intestacy law operates mechanically and inflexibly.
When religious beliefs are held strictly and inflexibly, counselors and counseling graduate students tend to demonstrate more biases against LGB people (Balkin, Schlosser, & Levitt, 2009).
But, as Deputy Minister for Skills Ken Skates - himself a Cambridge graduate - suggested to the Western Mail last month, both Oxford and Cambridge retain the perception they are inflexibly geared up to those that are prepared and comfortable with the pomp and ceremony that is still the way of life there.
There is a brutish order of things depicted in this cautionary tale, an order that inflexibly divides the world's population into two categories: the hunter and the hunted.
Points further to the left on the x-axis represent greater time devoted to non-work activities, called "leisure" for short (though it includes "personal time" that is relatively inflexibly devoted to sleep and personal care).
I was left with a sense that many settlements do have easy potential to take some limited growth to meet local housing needs but that Green Belt policy appears to have unnecessarily and inflexibly drawn up the drawbridge.
149) However, EARC concluded that the law was sufficiently flexible and saw no reason to alter the requirement that decision makers not fetter their discretion by acting inflexibly.
They expect their politicians to do two things: stand inflexibly firm on bedrock issues like gun rights and set fire to the establishment.